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Error: Human Not Found is a Narrative Point and click game that teaches coding with very easy to follow puzzles. The story curtails Grace as she uncovers the death of the first AI to pass from cortex casing to a body.

This was a fun project that I served as both Narrative Designer and concept artist.

As a Narrative Designer, I wrote the lore bible and many of the in game texts for items.

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I work as a Narrative Designer anytime I pick up a pen.


Stacks upon stacks of notebooks, scribbled in, leafed to shreds, are ever shifting through my over used, well loved, and hole torn back packs.

To the right, you'll find pictures from a beloved D&D campaign with an entire wiki article detailing entry notes for newspapers and fake literature meant to entertain my players with an expansive world.

The wiki itself can be found here.

Devil Tooth's Island started out as an unbridled desire to get my friends to fight cannibals for a one shot.

What was once one session exploded into a TV novella like weekly episode of the next plot hook to drag those close back in to complete their character's story arc.

My skills with Photoshop and map editors like Inkarnate have greatly improved just from the assets carefully crafted for each session.

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Broken Brutality takes traditional tabletop RPG and mixes it with a fast, floaty combat system steeped in the mire of Souls-like lore.

While it is still in development, I've created hundreds of lore pages, character classes, and item descriptions with enough story to fill several novels.

I've collaborated with artists to make each piece unique. Every picture a breath taking piece that weaves an even larger narrative into the world of Arrak.

You can access the development files here.

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